LBS Group has acquired two more pest control companies


Recently, LBS Group announced the completion of the acquisition of two pest control companies, namely Guangzhou Mingjie Pest Management and Changsha LBS.

Introduction of Mingjie and Changsha LBS

LBS's technical skill can penetrate into the Mainland China pest control market via this acquisition. LBS can also further expand business distribution in South China and Central China, and at the same time strengthen the teams, technologies, and customer types, higher the service quality in South China and Central China.

Guangzhou Mingjie Pest Management

Guangzhou Mingjie Pest Management is a professional PCO organization that provides professional pest solutions and a complete service reporting system for large enterprises such as factories, offices, hotels, hospitals and food processing plants, etc.

Changsha LBS

As a member of the LBS Group for 13 years, Changsha LBS has committed to solving numerous pest and hygiene problems for chain restaurants, hotels, offices, factories and retails, etc.

LBS M&A Strategy

01 Service capabilities for factories
Guangzhou Mingjie Pest Management has high-standard factory service capabilities, which can further enhance LBS penetrate to factory field and KA customers’ technological innovation capabilities and market competitiveness.

02 Market development
Guangzhou Mingjie Pest Management has established service points in South China and East China, which has also increased LBS's market share and ensured that LBS maintains a stronger competitive advantage in South China. Similarly, Changsha LBS can continuously consolidate LBS's market share and market position in Central China, achieving strategic synergy in LBS's technology, market, management and other aspects.

Adhere to the Vision & Work Together for Win-Win Situation At the acquisition meeting, LBS, Guangzhou Mingjie Pest Management and Changsha LBS expressed their expectations and confidence in this cooperation. At the same time, colleagues from the two companies also shared the challenges and insights on the current situation, emphasizing that under this new cooperation, they should seize opportunities and face challenges, achieving a higher level of development.

In order to express the sincere welcome and recognition to the employees of the acquired companies, Mr. Franco Lam, chairman of LBS Group, prepared gifts to each employee, including a letter written by Mr. Franco Lam, crystal stand with vision and 360 ° LBS journal.

Take Advantage of the Trend

At the end of the meeting, the management of both companies had dinner together, discussing development plans and cooperation prospects in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Through this in-depth communication and interaction, employees have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of LBS, and are full of confidence and expectations for their future development in the companies.


PCO is an emerging industry in Mainland China and has broad development potential. LBS Group continues to enhance the company's service capabilities, actively carries out merger and acquisition strategies, and brings more outstanding pest control companies under our Group. In the future, LBS will continue to uphold the concepts of openness, cooperation, and win-win, work hand in hand with partners, actively fulfill social responsibilities, and promote the healthy development of the pest control industry.