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Words from the Chairman

Franco Lam
Dorothy Lam

In LBS Group, we work for a cause. Our mission makes our path. We grow because we believe.

Our mission to serve
Our team works everyday bearing a mission to protect people’s health, and to make the city that we are living in a more hygienic place. We work everyday in joy and in faith, knowing that we are serving the community. We work transcending monetary reward, making our team proud of ourselves, making our customers satisfied and making our brand thrives.

Our people-oriented program
LBS Group is all about people. We treasure our people and we build our team. One of our company missions is to foster the growth of our staff. We focus on people development through our “5S people-oriented program”. We believe that our staffs advance and so will our company. A happy staff leads to a happy customer, which eventually leads to an upward business.

Our spirit of innovation and reinvention
In addition to a high quality team, LBS Group keeps sustainable growth through continuous innovation and product development. We cultivate for our company’s 10 years’ plan knowing that the market can outgrow once successful enterprises in a flash with its ever-changing consumer environment and intense competition. Ever since our first launch of “restroom hygiene service” in 1998, we have not stopped refreshing our customers with new products and new services throughout. As of today, LBS Group has launched and created tens of new products and services and we will keep doing this until we are a world-class hygiene enterprise and every customer’s hygiene problem is resolved. We reinvent our brand and ourselves constantly as if we are starting fresh on our first day.

Our advantage
We started in the right place and at the right time. Hygiene service is a business that cannot be taken over by technology. LBS Group started in Hong Kong in 1998, enter the Greater China market in 2004, and the Asia market in 2016. We are in a market that has endless potential to develop. With the global warming issue, urbanization and population explosion, we believe the world has growing needs for hygiene services.

We are ready for the challenge.

The LBS story has just begun!

Mainland China Management Team

Hong Kong & Macau Management Team

Taiwan Management Team

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